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We're Natasha & Meg  aka 2 Girls a Book & and a Glass of Wine. 

We're both mothers and wives that love to read. That's how we met over the love of a book and David Gandy.  We call ourselves Twinnies because we're so much alike. We've never met in person but there have been lots of late night Facetiming and hour after our of Voxer.  You never know there may just be a book signing we're both at, we hope anyways.  It's our escape from the real world, where the is no one to cook and clean for, we just sink in to Book World, fall in love with the characters and talk about the new book boyfriend in our lives.  We're all about helping authors promote their books. We're a no drama, lets all have fun, pour yourself a drink and chill  kind of blog.  If you ask us to post it we will. 

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