I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!When I started reading this book I had know idea how it would go. It starts at Natasha and Felix's wedding and at first I though he was great, perfect really, but it really didn't take to long before I started to hate him. My Heart broke for Natasha, she's a newlywed and this was supposed to be such a happy time in her life and she was stuck in a nightmare. I was an emotional mess. I felt her pain. I love Caleb, I'm Team Caleb. He's perfect, smart and smoking hot and my new BBF. I love the chemistry between Caleb and Tasha & their instant connection. The night that Tasha meets Caleb she finds a dear friend in him and also finds out the monster Felix can be. I hope to also see more of Luca and Kammie I think there's a great story to be told there. Krissy V is amazing she makes you feel every emotion. I can't wait to see what happens next.

This is topic that hits home for some many people. In For Better or for Worse you see the torment Tasha goes through, now we see how she tries to come to terms, and deal with everything Felix has done to her. Tasha is trying rebuild, find herself and move forward. We see how her family and friends come to help her, as they are trying to deal will everything, as well they are also trying to come to terms with the man they thought they knew. Caleb still there for Tasha and she can lean on him, telling him things that she can’t tell others. He makes her stronger. Let me just say the ”tree house scene”, I was moved to tears, it gave me goosebumps, I felt all the pain Tasha was going through. As this story goes on it just keeps getting better and better. This book is powerful and beautifully written. I can’t wait for the conclusion.

This is the third book in the Til Death Do Us Part series. Tasha struggles from her abusive past, trying to move on and become a stronger woman.

There were so many feelings I had while reading this this book. I cried when Tasha cried, I got angry when she got angry, my heart broke for her and I cried tears of joy for her. I was so happy that Tasha got her closure. Even though it’s Tasha who suffered at the hands of Felix, his actions affected others that loved him too. The chemistry of all the characters is fantastic the way they were there for each other, made you feel a part of it.

Caleb is truly amazing. I just love him!

I’m so happy with the way it ended. No matter how hard or bad life is you should always go after your happy ending.

Krissy V shows how truly talented she is, this series is beautifully written

I loved this book. I've never wanted two characters to hook up as bad as I did Luca and Kammie. After getting a taste of these two characters in the first 3 books of the Til Death Us Do Part series, we get to find out how it started and where it went. We also get to see how they were affect by what happened between Natasha and Felix. I got so mad at Felix all over again for what he had done, this time to Luca. I had never factored in his feelings in all that happened. Even though you see Felix, Tasha and Caleb, this story wasn't about them they are in the back ground this focus on Luca and Kammie.
Can I just say Luca is HOT!!! WOW, he was definitely worth the wait, he really makes you weak in the knees. Kammie and Luca grow into more mature people, they lean on each and are there for each other while they need to be strong for there friends, even though it's their friends that are keeping them apart. Even with the sad parts there are a lot of Funny & SEXY parts in this story. It just proves that when you find the right person nothing can stop them from being together. I love Krissy V's Books I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.



Warning you will need a big box of tissues!!!
I read these books individually last year when the series first came out and  loved them so much. I love it even more now. It was like reading this story for the first time. This is truly a remarkable story. I felt the gut wrenching emotions and the agony that Tasha was going through that horrible mess with Felix. Felix I hate him, just when I try to have some compassion for him (just a sliver, because he really doesn’t deserve it) he makes me even more mad. I fell in love with Caleb all over again, he’s smart, handsome, sexy, strong, and in case you didn’t know British, he really is perfect. These add chapters are phenomenal. I love that we got to see his point of view, how he felt, knowing is hands were tied and he couldn’t help Tasha like he wanted too.
I felt every joy, fear, hate, sorrow and love pouring off each page. I connected with the characters, like I was going through the motions with them. I cried big fat sad tears and happy tears, I got mad and I laughed. If you’ve ever been in a situation like Tasha’s even in the slightest way you’ll be able to relate to her and to the story. Krissy V has gracefully written about a situation that is dark and heartbreaking and in the most exquisitely way shown light, healing, hope, faith and that everyone deserves a happy ending.
Till Death Us Do Part is beautifully written and a must read.

Krissy V has done it again, another fantastic read.
Another hit for Krissy V. It's different form the Til Death us do part series. 

This is a wonderful story. I loved it, this book is so funny. There's is some drama and it's a love story. 

You will love Sunshine and her friends they are crazy group of ladies. I can't say enough how much I loved Xavier, the very handsome Latin business man. He is charismatic smart & sexy. Even though I understand why Sunshine did what she did, my heart broke for Xavier and can't blame him for acting the way he did. This is spoiler free so you'll have to read it to find out. 

It's a short read, a great read. Totally worth checking out. Made me wish for an all girls getaway.

This is My favorite time of year. I love Holiday reads, so when I heard Krissy V was writing a Christmas book on I knew I had to read it. I Love Krissy V’s books!!!!

This is a Beautiful Christmas book. It is about Nolly who hates Christmas and then Meets Tully who loves it. 

I laughed and I cried (sad tears and happy ones) when reading this book. I felt the emotions Nolly was going through bursting off the page. A Taste of Christmas will make you believe in the true meaning of Christmas and all the Magic it holds. 

A Taste of Christmas is romantic, loving, fantastic, emotional & magical. A perfect read for the Holidays.

*****Tissues needed ****

6 out of 5 stars 

Krissy V has done it again!

This is a beautiful story about finding love, having to let it go and getting it back.
Cassie and Jordan meet when they are young fall in love but end up parting ways. Cassie starts a new life in a new place and moves on but Jordan is not very far from her mind and heart no matter how hard she tries. 
Fate always has a way of stepping in. The road to getting to where you need to be isn’t always easy. Cassie has gone through so much heartbreak, loss and trauma. With her family, friends and Jordan, her soulmate she is able to heal. 
My One Regret is phenomenal. The emotions pour off the page. Krissy V is sensational. 

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