Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cover Reveal Tryst by Arie Lane

Title: Tryst
Author: Arie Lane
Release Date: January 6th


Bentley Celeste has everything to lose, literally. On a night she should

have been celebrating, her world came crashing down. Left with no other choice, she ran for her

life and has been hiding ever since.

The day Tristan turned into a teenager his whole

life changed. Faced with the reality that his father was more of a child than he was, Tristan

chose to forego the rest of his childhood and become an adult.

Both have secrets

that could destroy the fragile foundation that Tristan fights hard to build. But what happens when

the very secrets you are hiding are the very ties that will either bind or break you? Can Bentley

stop running long enough to let someone in? Can Tristan start believing that not everyone he

loves is destined to abandon him?

***WARNING*** This book is intended for 18+ due to strong language, violent

scenarios, and sexual content. 

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About this Author

Arie Lane is an avid reader and stay at home mom to two beautiful little boys. When not

writing or chasing them around she is usually catching up with other Indie authors and

constantly keeping up with new blogs.
She loves to connect with people and is proud that

she finally had the courage to put some of her crazy thoughts into written words. From the time

she started reading her nose was always stuck in a book and she's couldn't be happier that now

she's encouraging others to get their noses stuck also. Even if her readers are of the +18


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