Friday, November 14, 2014

Title: Forgiveness

Series: Deciding Island

Author: Rain Murphy

Book one Forgiveness;  

Creature Notte Star has always fought for the betterment of her kind. She

has suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of humans. She understands that

most of the species in her world are a result of Adam’s experiments to recreate his own

DNA. None of this matters when she discovers she is being sent to Deciding Island for

judgment. Stories of her kind becoming Island Ash have haunted her since childhood.

There are no memorials for those that don’t come back from DI. 

Cre is not only a well-trained combatant but also a rescuer with a reputation

of never losing a hostage. During a no kill rescue mission Cre finds that a combatant

that was told his help was not needed is killing the kidnappers. Mica the combatant in

question was an Infin and as far as Cre was concerned no better than a human. Mica’s

trying to help with this rescue resulted in Cre having to kill the one person whose death

starts a war, and gets her sent to Deciding Island.  

After landing on Deciding Island and a series of events occur Cre finds

that her life is now and forever tied to her childhood nightmares. But the alternative is

unthinkable the death of her mate. On the Island Cre discovers the magic, meets the

inhabitances, and realizes that things are not always what they seem. 
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Rain Murphy Author of “DECIDING ISLAND SERIES” Published by Anchor

Group Publishing. Book one “FORGIVINESS” is available for purchase see links below.

Her books are geared toward adults young and old with the sexual passages being

implied. It will appeal to lovers of fiction, fantasy, and magical happenings. 

It has taken Rain two years to create the world and species that you will

encounter when reading the “Deciding Island Series.” Forgiveness is book one in the

series, and there are hints and clues about future books, and the beginning of Adam’s

creations, however it isn’t till book five that the beginning is revealed. At this time she

has the outlines for seven total books,... so far. The list keeps growing this series can

go on forever, and she plans to keep writing. There are minimal to no cliffhangers each

book can stand alone.      

Rain holds an Associate of Applied Business in Business Management and a

Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 

When Rain is not writing, reading, or promoting her two series she is

spending time with her children and grandchildren. They like to camp, kayak, spent time

on the beach and have fun plotting her next book.


Ordering links;
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