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You Loved Me At My Weakest by Evie Harper

BOOK: You Loved Me At My Weakest

SERIES: Love Series (Book Two)

RELEASE DATE: November 24th, 2014

Broken, used and worthless.

They are the words that have been branded into my mind for the past five

Now freed, but they stole my smile and left me with only tears.

My dreams of the future died right before my eyes.

I'm fighting to find my way back, but I’m too weak.

I won’t let her walk this road alone.

I’ll hold on for her. The dark can’t last forever.

Her heart beat keeps time for the rest of my life.

Our fate will not be denied or erased.

“How great your love is for me.” I whisper.

 Found, saved, released… freed.

Should I have a smile on my face? I should be happy, right? I’m going

home. I’m going to see my family and I’m going to be safe from now on. No

more hands touching me. No more bruises to watch fade away from my

But I’m broken, ruined, and worthless. What can I offer them? I’m tainted.

Darkness has touched me more times than I can wrap my mind around.

This suburban family doesn’t know what true evil is. I’ve laid beside the

devil countless times and he’s turned me black. Inside and out.

The world around me grows louder and I come out of my thoughts, staring

at the ground. I turn my head to look for Kanye, who is standing behind me.

We just stepped off the plane that brought me home. He’s watching me,

again. Each time I glimpse a look at him, my breath catches. He hasn’t

changed at all in the last five years. Still the most handsome man I’ve ever

laid eyes on. His wild, short blond hair and deep blue eyes that tell me he’s

so much more than just a pretty face; his thoughts are always deep and

meaningful. His body is still fit and muscular. My head still only comes up to

Shouts distract me from my examination. I look around and find my parents

sprinting toward me. Across the airstrip not listening to any of the men

screaming behind them to stop. My mother drops her handbag, items

Time slows for just a moment as I watch my parents. My mother’s short

brown hair whips in the air. Her eyes wide with tears falling. I can see one

of the teardrops hit her red shirt, and there it sits, a lone wet tear, a

My father’s cheeks are puffing in and out heavily. His arms pumping hard, I

watch as each vein pops up as he pulls and pushes his arms backwards

I tilt my head to the side. They’re running toward me, to embrace me. To

comfort me? How long will it take them to realize their Emily is gone. How

long until they realize I’m repulsive. And I will lose them, all over again.

Oomph! They’ve crashed into me and time sets back to present and harsh

My dad picks me up, circles his arms around my body, and cries into my

neck. My mother hugs me from behind. I feel her tears soaking through my

I’m scared. My chest feels heavy. My heart begins to swell. It expands and

the ice around my heart starts cracking, breaking off in tiny pieces.

My mother’s sobs turn into screams at my back and larger pieces of ice

break off. I’m left with just a swollen heart, who just let everything in. Pain,

suffering, torment, relief, love. I can feel it all and it’s too much. But I can’t

My chest starts heaving, but my mouth refuses to open and let out the cries

that are now clawing at my lips to let them have a voice. A voice… they’ve

never had a voice. Someone who cared what they cried, someone who

It’s happening. My body melts into my father’s. My eyes sting and blur.

Slowly, I open my mouth and there they are. The cries. They’ve gone

ignored and unwanted for so long. They are mine. My cries of pain, torment

My father jolts at the agonizing sound that’s ripped from my throat. My

Hands wrap around me from behind and I know whose they are. The one

person who at this moment is going to send me over the edge. Kanye.

I fall into him, his warmth, and strong arms. We collapse to the ground and

he holds me to him. My head to his neck and his hand under my knees.

spilling from it; however, she doesn’t stop to pick it up.

I’m scared of their touch. Light, loving, forgiving.

would fix the hurt they were feeling.

mother stands back and repeats my name on a whisper.

Kanye repeats on a whisper while rocking us on the ground, “I’m sorry. I’m

I continue to let my precious cries go, while the man I love and the man I

cried out for so often apologizes for the pain he didn’t inflict. Pain I can see

I’m letting my pain go and sharing it with the world. Now everyone around

me knows just how much agony I’m in. And they’re listening; they will try to

help. They can’t. But at least someone cares. That’s all I ever wanted.

he has inflicted on himself.

About Evie Harper

Evie is an Australian author whose passion for reading lead her into writing.

Evie spends her days writing angsty, heart breaking love stories and

creating happily ever afters. When Evie isn’t writing you can find her

reading or spending time with her husband and two children.


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Book #1 - You Loved Me At My Darkest



Ripped from Heaven, Burned in Hell.

Caught and caged in beauty.

One man holds the key to our survival, to our freedom.

Find out how I lived and lost the greatest thing on earth.

I didn't see her coming and that will be my downfall.

She will ruin me, take everything from me, and give me everything I can't

She is innocence. She is strength.

She is my piece of heaven in hell.

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Book #1 - Collision (Street Kings) – Out early 2015

We were put in the system and then handed over to monsters.

Unwanted or left alone in the world, it didn’t matter.

We ran away and grew up on the streets.

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