Monday, December 8, 2014

Fight You Abby McCarthy

Daws is a Devil Crusader, born and raised a bad boy. He’s sick of superficial, meaningless relationships.

Fate throws him a curve-ball when Aubrey begins working for his dad’s motorcycle shop.

Aubrey is damaged and scarred.

She’s running from a past that has the ability to destroy her. It’s not just herself that she needs to

protect. She’s fighting to save her sister. She needs to keep the monster away and she’ll do everything in

her power to keep her sister safe.

She wasn’t expecting to meet Daws, the man who would change their lives. Dangerous, strong and

completely hers, her heart never had a chance.

Is Daws capable of protecting her from the monster who haunts her? The monster who will stop at

nothing to get to her? He wants her back, that much is clear.

She just hopes that when the time comes, she’s strong enough to save them all….

**Please note this is the second book in the Wrecked Series. It can be read as a stand alone and it is not

necessary to have read Wreck You, however reading Wreck You first may give you some background to

Daws. This book is intended for mature audiences as it has graphic scenes involving sex and child abuse.

The use of the F bomb is frequently thrown around so if that offends you, I wouldn't recommend

reading this.

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“My name is Maura McCafferty. I take men who love me and I destroy them.

If there was a scarlet letter I could wear to keep the men at bay, it would be a W. I would wear it

proudly, to let them know I am a wrecker. If you love me, I will wreck you.”

Raised within the Devil’s Crusader’s, Maura has been exposed to many of life’s uglies and sheltered from

any real relationships. She has all but given up on the idea of love.

Until she meets Corbin Marx, a sexy beast of a Marine who refuses to back down from any challenge. He

is the type of man Maura has craved, the type who might just be strong enough…

This journey will be brutal, littered with violence, deceit and heartache. Maura must learn to navigate

through the bumpy roads that life has paved and hope that at the end she will find her happiness.

Warning: Due to Violence, language, drug use and sexual content this book is not

suited for anyone under 17. If those things offend you, this might too.

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Abby McCarthy is reader and a lover of words. She is a blogger turned author

and released her first novel in May 2014. She is a mother of three, a wife and a dog person. She has

always written, sometimes poetry, sometimes just to vent about failed relationships, however in

parenthood she has found her voice to help keep her sanity. Words have flowed from her, to review and

with the support of amazing friends in the Indie community she has decided to pursue my dream of

writing! She loves to write and read romance, because isn't that something we all yearn for? Whether it

be flowers and hand holding or just the right tug on your hair. Isn't that what life is about? The human


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