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Dance Me Out Of Danger by T.M. Sullivan


Dance Me Out Of Danger by T.M. Sullivan

(The Ferris Series Book #1)


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Willa McKenzie thought her life was perfect. Living in Las Vegas, every night she fulfils her

dream of singing and dancing as one of the city's most beloved showgirls. Her dreams are

shattered by a shocking phonecall about her estrange dying mother. Forced to return to her

hometown of Ferris, a town where she never felt happy or alive, she throws her self into


When Grayson Malloy discovers Willa is back in Ferris, he has no intention of letting her slip

away from him again. With a little help from his daughter, they show her what has been missing

from her life. Grayson is determined to make her his, to show her that true love does exist. That

they can be each other's happy ending, if only she ill trust him.

BUT... What Willa, Grayson and the residents of Ferris soon find out is that someone else has

their SIGHTS set on Willa and has no intention of her LIVING forever.

DMOD TM Sullivan


“Grayson you have to stop,” I cry out as I grab onto his shoulders forcefully digging my fingers

into him. Unable to stop myself, I wrap one leg around his waist, grinding my crotch against his

leg to help ease the delicious ache. With the pulsating slowing down, I slow my breathing.

Minutes passed, no movements, no sound came from either of us. I slowly start to come back to

myself, embarrassment flowing through me. Please tell me I did not just do that.

“Holy Christ, did you come?” Grayson pulls himself away from my breast. I push my face into his

chest and nod. “Fuck me...that was hot,” he breathes into my hair, holding me close in his


“What?” I mumble, raising my head to look in his eyes.

“Willa,” he looks at me and runs a hand through his short hair.

“You came from me sucking and tugging on your tits, you were so turned on, so responsive


“So embarrassed,” I blurt out looking in his eyes.

“Willa,” he began as I try to scramble out from underneath him “Wait, wait.” He pins me to the


“Grayson, I feel like a complete slut right now. I’ve been home for two minutes. Now here I am in

your bed where I had a fricken orgasm…happy?” I’m mortified by my behavior.

“Fuck ya, I am,” he grins, pleased with himself. I fall back onto the bed and cover my face with

my arm.

“Baby, look at me.” I look into his eyes.

“Grayson, please can we just not talk about it.”

“Willa, you’re not a slut, okay? We’re not strangers.” I keep my hands over my face.

“Baby, stop hiding,” he pulls my hands away.

“That was the first orgasm I’ve had that wasn’t self-inflicted,” I whisper.

“Fuck me…baby I want to see that so bad right now,” he tells me, lust burning in his eyes. I


“Grayson, please be serious I’m so embarrassed I mean…I told you that…ugh, God.” Could this

get any worse?

“I’m more than serious, Willa, the last thing I want to hear is you being embarrassed. You were

with idiots, but Willa, I couldn’t be happier right now. I wish I\d taken my head out of my ass

sooner. You would have been in my bed a hell of a lot quicker.” What on earth does that


“Are you aware how fucking sexier you got? Didn’t think that could be possible. Knowing that I’m

the only one that will ever pleasure you, makes me horny as hell. I’ll be inside of you, tasting

you, knowing where to touch you to get you off. Multiple times because I will make sure of it.

Jesus, you sky rocketed off the fucking charts, baby and it was hot as hell.” God, his words are

vocal orgasm's, how does he do this?

“I’m sexy?” How is this happening right now, the one man I’ve fantasized for my entire young life

has my panties damp. I need to tread carefully with this.

“No, Grayson, this can’t happen. I haven’t been home a day yet. I’m freaking out right now.”

Was I that woman? Hopping in his bed and agreeing to be with him. Okay, okay I know he is

gorgeous and yes I have loved him forever… shit I have loved him forever. I began to


“Holy shit, Willa, relax, it’s happening, and it’s okay. I’ve wanted you for a long time. When I saw

you at the hospital I knew it was time. Time to finally show you how good we could be together. I

won’t let you analyze this, so stay out of your head. I promise you, this between us is not bad.

Fast? Yes, but not bad.” He pushes me back again and laid on top of me. “God you are so cute,

I love that you don’t even know how sexy you are.” Love? Did he say love?

He kisses me hard, deep. His tongue searches for mine in a searing kiss as his hands roam and

grope. Our hearts pound from the contact. He feels so good, so right.

“Okay, okay we need to stop.” He sits us back up, causing me to giggle at his frustration.

“Are you hungry? I’m worried that you haven’t eaten.” He looks at me with concern.

“What’s the time?” I ask.

“Eight…you slept for three hours.”

“Gosh I have to get home,” I tell him, jumping out of his bed.

“You’re not going home,” his voice is stern.

“I have to…”

“Willa,” he pulls me close him again.

“I spent three hours curled around your luscious body, felt you, made you cum, and then I find

out you haven’t been properly fucked.” I swallow hard. “All this in my bed. If you think you’re

leaving, you have another think coming. You will have a nice hot shower, put on one of my

shirts, and have something to eat. Lay in my bed curled into me while we both go to sleep and

I’ll take you home tomorrow morning…got it?” He is like my hot bath and my black coffee, I was

getting sweaty again.

“I could use a shower,” I admit.

“I thought so,” he grins.

Cocky bastard!

I am T.M. Sullivan, and I am a stay at home mom that works from home as a hairstylist, while

caring for two beautiful daughters. I am married to an extremely hard-working man who has

done nothing but show me support in this venture. Being an avid reader my whole life and

enjoying writing when I was younger. I decide to write a story of my own, never did I expect to

be in the position I am now.

I love books with a little suspense, love and a whole lot of sexy, demanding men who love hard

with their whole heart. Which is why I wrote this one I wanted my men to be every day

hardworking men, whether they work in construction, work as a police officer, fireman, even

sensual lawyers or business-men, I love them all. My women need to be passionate and strong

giving their men a run for their money.

A tiny secret that no one knows, until now: I love stories with an HEA, and cliffhangers kill me. I

hate surprises. I'm not kidding; I will read the ending of the book to make sure there is an HEA

and if the book is a cliffhanger, I will wait until all the books are out and read them all right after


I want to thank anyone who gives my work a chance. I never thought in a million years I would

write an entire book on my own, let alone have anyone who chose to read it.

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