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Tara Lin Mossinghoff

My name is Tara Lin Mossinghoff. I'm from a small town in Missouri. My passions include reading, writing, sarcasm, Harry Potter, and quoting movies. 
I first got into reading when I was younger and not wanting to do my homework. My mom would make me sit down and read even when I didn't have homework and I soon became obsessed. 
I discovered that I had a knack for writing when I was a teen. It started with fan fictions. Then, I realized that I had characters of my own wanting to tell their story. 
Now, my characters have become my best friends and they won't leave me alone until I write about them. They always remind me that I have little to no control over the stories, the brats. 
I have two books published with many more to come. My next book is set to release in November of this year. 
Working and writing is pretty much my life. I also spend time with my sister and her two kids, who are always keeping us on our toes. 
This writing journey has always been a dream of mine and I can't wait to see where it, and my characters, will take me.


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Letters to Matt 

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Some people work their whole lives to have it all.

“I think it goes without saying that I miss you. So much that some days it feels like my heart might stop beating from it.”

Some people search for that one thing that will complete them.

“I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t breathe knowing you aren’t next to me.”

Some people have it all ripped away in the blink of an eye.

“I don’t know how people deal with this kind of loss.”

And some people find solace in their own special way.

“I know I can’t have a future with you, but I’m beyond grateful for the past we shared.

Matt was fast asleep. Tears formed in my eyes. He had to be up early and I didn’t want to wake him and risk another fight. Instead, I crawled into bed next to him and pulled the covers up to my chest. 
“I’m sorry,” I said to the darkness. Matt shifted next to me. 
“It’s fine.” 
I glanced over to see him turned toward me and his eyes opened slightly. “It’s not fine. My hormones…”
“Shhh,” he said, pulling me to him. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” He planted a kiss on my forehead. “I love you, Jaden.”
“I love you, too,” I said, curling into him before sleep quickly found me.

“It won’t help,” I insist, shaking my head. “There has to be something you can do.”
“The only thing that would help is Matt being here,” I say. “Talking to him about Sophie and how much I love and miss him.”
“So do that,” Mandy suggests. I raise my eyebrows at her. “He used to write you those sappy love letters, right?” I nod my head . “Well, maybe you can write him letters . Tell him all the things you would if he were here. It’ll be kind of like coming full circle. He wrote letters to you, so you write letters to him. It’ll be all symbolic and shit.” 
I laugh, despite myself , but I’m considering it. It sounds like a great idea. I can’t talk to Matt in person, so this is the next best thing. “I’ll give it a shot,” I tell her. 
She smiles at me. Standing up, she claps her hands. “Now, get that skinny ass out there and be the awesome mom I know you can be!” 
I give her a small smile and walk from the bathroom. I make my way into the living room. Sophie is sitting on the floor playing with blocks. I walk over and pick her up. 
“Mommy’s so proud of you, baby girl,” I say, surprising myself when I find that I really mean the words

Secrets That We Keep 

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It is said that normal is boring. The same routine, the intact family, the future all planned out. Some might think this sounds dull, but it's exactly what Jesse had. And that's how he liked it. Dreams of being a doctor kept his nights busy with studying, leaving little time for a social life or a typical high school experience. 
Angie was the complete opposite. She thrived on spontaneity and seizing the moment. Having a broken family didn't make her bitter. In fact, it just gave her more room for love in her heart which she showered onto her friends. Impulsive and child-like were words used to describe her. 
During their senior year, Jesse and Angie's worlds collided. Simple friendship quickly escalated to adoration. These feelings led to a relationship that flourished. 
But what happens when dark secrets are revealed? When their entire lives, the perfect and the chaotic, are completely flipped upside down?

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