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A Cougar’s Legacy-Love Over Desire By: Don Abdul

A Cougar’s Legacy-Love Over Desire By: Don Abdul


The future of Marie-Claire and Ray’s romantic relationship is forged in the heat of their first

lover’s tiff. The couple has barely kissed and made up when Marie-Claire’s bisexual lover

Cynthia comes visiting. When Marie-Claire accidentally unmasks Cynthia’s selfish motivation,

she becomes acquainted with a side of Ray that she never thought she would see in a man ever



“Let’s take the party to the bedroom. your next orgasm should count in more ways than one.”

Marie-Claire’s heart leapt with joy. The source of her joy wasn’t necessarily Ray’s promise of an

orgasm that would count. What made her heart glad was the fact that Ray was turning out to be

just the kind of man she had been hoping for. He was handsome, honest so far and most of all he

had the energy of youth in his favour. The fact that he had the right size of equipment and knew

how to put it to good use was an added bonus.

More than anything else, she was happy that his bedroom manners were not subordinated to his

respectful and polite public persona. Even as she wondered what treat he had in mind for her

once they retired to the bedroom, she could already see good things in their future together.

‘Already contemplating a future together uh, after just one round of quickie sex?’ the voice in

her head queried her optimism as a self preserving call for caution.

But the devil on her shoulder was all gung ho and well disposed to her new sexual adventure.

‘Sure, why the hell not? If not now then when? If not him then whom?’

For that moment at least, Marie-Claire was determined to hold onto her handsome chocolate

prince. He had thus far brought a smile to her face and was currently satisfying her pent up

sexual need.

Deep down in her heart, she had great plans for Ray. She however knows only too well that she

must be extremely careful in opening up to another man. If there was any lesson her failed

marriage of nearly two decades taught her, it was the need to approach all important decisions

with the utmost caution.

Special poem Don Abdul wrote just for his fans for this event:

It is a story told in three parts

Steamy love scenes, passionate romance tug at hearts

Easy narrative that puts you in a ringside seat

As your nether region is consumed by its heat

You must keep the rule, not after but before

Yes! Before you read it, check your panties at the door

Every word of every paragraph

Plays crazy with your cardiograph

From Ray's delicious chocolate muscles

To his enjoyment of intimate female morsels

To Marie-Claire on her knees indulging her Chocolate desire

And setting sexy temptress Cynthia on fire

Just when you think you have it all figured

Things twist and turn beyond what you pictured

It is a book you wouldn't want to put down

Unless only to reach beneath that gown

In search of quick relief

Or inside your pants to handle something very stiff

Trust me, I wrote it, and even I needed a few cold showers

Yes indeed, at times even at very odd hours

The second book of the trilogy, the sequel to Chocolate Desire

Love Over Desire, deep inside you will kindle a fire

Out on the Tenth, yes

This scorcher

Author Bio: Don Abdul

I'm a writer and author of erotic fiction in my 40s. I discovered creative writing as an escape

from the dullness of small town life at an early age. My journey as an author of erotic fiction

began with a passion for writing erotic poetry and then spicy short stories.

Some of my other works of erotic fiction have been published under my Nom de plume, Tyrese


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Still feeling hot and bothered from their steamy embrace, Marie-Claire gingerly stepped out of 

the shower. She was immediately followed by Ray. Still high on his promise of an orgasm, she 

handed him a terry cloth robe with which he dried himself as he followed her into the guest 


Before he could put on the robe however, Marie-Claire lost control to her desire. She licked her 

lips eying his still erect chocolate cock. Unable to resist the temptation any longer, she stepped 

closer to him and took it in her trembling hand. 

“Mmm...” A soft moan escaped her parted lips. She shut her eyes and reveled shamelessly in the 

incredible girth and warmth of his member in her grasp. Opening her eyes, she looked down 

hungrily at the rock hard flesh. It pulsed and proudly jutted out from the neatly trimmed pubic 

hair around her younger lover’s crotch.

Marie-Claire started to pull back his foreskin, but she changed her mind. 

‘It’ll be so much better in my own bed...’ she thought, preferring to have him relieve the tension 

in her aching cunt in the comfort of her own bed rather than in impersonal surroundings of her 

guest bedroom. Still holding onto his throbbing cock, she led him down the corridor to the 

master bedroom.

She led the way to her expansive bed, but just before she climbed into it, Ray, seized her arm and 

then spun her gently around. He caught her with a graceful ease in his warm embrace. Lifting her 

face up by the chin, he claimed her sensuous lips.

Their kiss was soft and tender at first, and then she gasped, and melded her naked body against 

his hard chocolate frame, sucking on his tongue with increasing hunger. 

“Mmm...” she moaned as he reciprocated her rising passion. Swirling his tongue around hers, he 

paused to lick and then playfully nibble on her lower lip before sensuously sliding his tongue 

back into her mouth. 

‘Mon dieu, he’s such an excellent kisser,’ she thought. She particularly admired the fact that he 

didn’t seem to be in any hurry as he explored her warm mouth with his tongue. It had been a long 

time since any man focused on her needs rather than race through the romantic prelude to sexual 


In that instant, she was glad she had braved the pain of loneliness to consign her treacherous ex-

husband into the garbage heap of her past.

In the meantime, she was content to surrender completely to the loving embrace of her handsome 

young lover. She sucked his tongue between her lips, in the fashion of a blow job.

Ray’s steely erection pressed and poked at her trim tummy, awakening a desperate desire to wrap 

her lips around it. A shiver of excitement rushed through her when Ray moaned, and then 

grabbed her full round ass, crushing her pelvis harder against his crotch. 

Marie-Claire could feel the raging pulse of his engorged penis as he ground his groin against 

hers. She was out of breath and feeling giddy as his cock massaged her sensitive nub.

They came up for air and she whispered a breathless plea into his ear.

“Oh baby... I want to suck your beautiful chocolate cock now...”

Ray murmured a response but Marie-Claire was so high on the potent cocktail of intense sexual 

heat, smells and sounds around her, that she paid very little mind to anything but her instinct for 

sexual gratification. 

She felt his hold loosen up around her, and then he took a step back and sat down at the edge of 

the bed. Marie-Claire knelt down in between his parted legs like a naked maiden in worship 

before a sex god.

She took his thick phallus in her hand, examining it with undisguised lust, before bringing it 

slowly to her lips. She ran her tongue over the tip and down along the shaft and back, and then 

she opened her mouth. She sucked it in short and shallow mouthfuls for a short while and then 

with increasing passion, she sucked him in deeper and faster. Her head bobbed up and down on 

his cock until he was moaning and groaning to the pleasure of her oral ministration.

Marie-Claire was soon out of breath again. She was so excited, aroused and sexually intoxicated 

that she mentally had to remind herself to breathe. Removing his cock from her mouth, she 

rubbed her hand up and down his shaft a few times. Then she began to lick his bulbous helmet, 

teasing it and then sucking on his salty pre-cum while basking in the beauty of his tortured gasps 

and moans.

Her own desire was beginning to consume her, even as she resumed sucking his cock. She 

reached down between her thighs to soothe her soaking wet throbbing cunt. 

Flattered by the undivided attention her youthful lover was paying to her needs, Marie-Claire 

would have wanted the foreplay to go for eternity. The immediate scratching of her deep sexual 

itch was, however, of the utmost urgency. She was desperate to feel Ray’s thick, long cock 

parting her swollen cunt lips and the depths of her needy sex.

“Oh fuck! Baby, please take me now... fuck me like it’s Christmas...”

The very thought of Ray pounding her pussy sent a shudder through her. The words she had just 

uttered made very little sense to her but she could care less. The only thing in the whole wide 

world that made sense to her was having Ray’s cock in her cunt.

“Okay baby, your wish is my command...” Ray’s breathless response to her request was barely 

audible, his intent however was very clear as he scooted further back onto the bed and made 

room for her to join him.

‘Mmm... Did he just say those words, or am I just imagining them?’ Marie-Claire thought as she 

rose to her feet and joined her lover in bed.

Ray surprised her when he flipped her onto her back and got in between her legs. He knelt 

between her thighs, and was in the process of leaning forward when she raised her hand. Without 

as much as querying why she stopped him, Ray stopped, he knelt down right between her parted 

thighs while she visually caressed his body.

‘Mmm... My very own chocolate sex god, such beautiful dark skin and strong fit body too...’ she 

thought as she lasciviously eyed his powerful thighs and gorgeous abs. She gasped audibly at the 

sight of his cock which pointed menacingly at her like the turret of an armoured tank.

‘With that big gun, he can pound my pussy anytime...’ she thought as she wrapped a leg around 

his butt and pulled him towards her. 

Leaning closer he kissed her lips, and then just as she parted her lips to admit his tongue, he 

moved on to her cheek, and then her neck. He nibbled on her ear lobe and then darted his tongue 

playfully in her ear. 

“Aghhh...” She gasped as a shiver seized her from a combination of his wet tongue and his 

heated breath in her extra sensitive ear.

His trail of kisses progressed to her shoulder, and then her breasts, one first and then the other. 

He paused to lick and suck on one nipple whilst rolling the other between his finger and thumb. 

‘Mmm... Oh mon dieu! No one has ever done that before,’ she thought as she kissed her trim 

tummy, licking her navel and then blazing a trail with his tongue from her navel to her soaking 

wet slit. 

Marie-Claire had had enough foreplay for one day. She so desperately needed to be fucked and 

fucked right away, but something about the deliberate and confident manner Ray was loving her 

body left her unable to voice any objection. She couldn’t interrupt the waves of pleasure washing 

over her body. It was clear that the handsome Cub had the Cougar right where he wanted her. 

Ray had her eating out of his hand literally, and she didn’t mind that at all.

Her lover paused to catch his breath, and then she felt his warm breath on her mound. She closed 

her eyes, and once again surrendered to her Chocolate Prince. 

Ray parted her pussy lips with his fingers, and then flicked her swollen clit with his tongue. He 

was gentle at first, and then worked with greater intensity. He slipped his tongue deeper into her 

throbbing cunt at intervals.

“Oh fuck... yes baby... Mmm,” she moaned, grabbing his head and crushing his face deeper into 

her pussy. She bucked and ground her soaking wet sex harder against his face. 

“Oh baby, please fuck me... Please baby, give it to me now...” 

Ray leaned forward and plunged straight into her with a loud grunt. A great rush of pleasure 

coursed through her even as his girth stretched her walls. He pushed up inside her until he was 

embedded balls deep in her cunt. 

“Aghhh...” She gasped again as her pussy quivered around his shaft. His mouth claimed her 

breast as he began to hump her. She soon started to move in time with his thrusts. She locked her 

legs around his waist and drove his hips forward. His pelvis crashed into her with loud slapping 

sounds as he fucked her faster and deeper.

“Oh yes baby... I love it... I love this... Mmm,” she moaned breathlessly.

Ray responded with deep grunts and moans. Soon their liberal sex cries filled the bedroom as 

they both neared release. Marie-Claire dug her nails into the skin of Ray’s arm as the helmet of 

his cock grazed her g-spot with every thrust. Soon she began to thrash about like a woman 

possessed, and then suddenly she let out a loud screech and tensed up as she erupted in a bone-

rattling orgasm.

Marie-Claire’s muscles clenched around his shaft, ramping up the friction about his rock hard 

length, and setting off a tidal wave of pleasure deep inside him.  

“Oh fuck I’m cumming...” He let off a deep groan and then his hip gave a final thrust, plunging 

his cock to the mouth of her womb where he shot his hot load of cum. 

When his tremors had subsided, he rolled off and laid out beside her. They turned to face each 

other and kissed briefly before Marie-Claire turned away and then backed up into him. Ray held 

her and pulled her even closer. The lovers snuggled, each one pre-occupied with their own 

thoughts until they drifted into a short dreamless nap.

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